I chose the series of architectural monsters and got the idea from ‘john hejduk; victims and monsters’. Which show the different architecture by john hejduk himself associate rather than specific form that associate include feeling, emotion even story. He went through his architecture to express emotion and the felling of this building. His use of abstract style creates a weird, stressful, and warm environmental, causing the viewer to think want is artic want to convey.

‘John Hejduk:Victims and Monsters’

In my drawing, I use the central park be the prototype to redesign and show the views, what the impression of the central park from my point of the view. This building has green roof and a platform hang on sky, so when my first impression of that building is strange and unstable. I use the fore post be the basic of building that leting building looks unstable, and i added some unique design which like John Hejduk style in the top of building that making building more weird and strange.

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