BREAKING: Colin Kaepernick announces he will no longer protest after reading your aunt’s Facebook…

Colin, do what is in your heart. Don’t ever let anyone, even if they walk on water, tell you what to think or do. You and you alone will have to stand before your Maker and give an account for your actions. Creator/God gave you the give of ‘free will’ — and no one, not even the Giver of Life will ever take that from you. Everything we do or what ever happens to us, is a result of our choices. You have done what a lot of people wish they had the stones to do. There’s just too much hate in this world to not state how you feel about how people use that hate against each other, especially for people of color. On the eve of COLUMBUS DAY, just remember that what happened back then is still happening today and nobody in government is doing anything about it. When will this end? You have the perfect platform to make your stand. Be strong, stay strong. You will do down in history of being someone who woke up many to the possibilities of making a change…. it’s long overdue.

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