Gaining UI inspiration from the past.

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If you could travel through time with a single idea from today, which idea would you choose and where would you travel too? A simple yet truly fascinating question that gives way to a variety of answers, many in the hopes of achieving status or wealth by visiting the past. More interestingly however is just how few of us would think to carry that idea forward into the future. 🤔

Have you ever accidentally sent an incomplete message, or maybe made a transfer with the wrong amount to someone. These sort of blunders happen frequently, often all it takes is a tap of a finger.

Sometimes the unintentional press of a button can have dire consequences for a user, leading to the loss of data, requiring rewriting paragraphs of lost content, frustrating support calls, submitting tickets, and other various stressful situations. …

Connecting businesses to people looking for flexible work.

Image of iPhone 11 Applicaiton Mockup
Image of iPhone 11 Applicaiton Mockup

Prologue: While this is fundamentally a showcase of our process in the hopes of helping others, it’s also a story about the realism of limitations when working with clients and how we ultimately were able to deliver a product the client was pleased to receive and call their own.

On a day like any other autumn day in the office, I was approached by my employer with a rather vague request, “We have some business friends, they have a bit of a budget and would like us to rework the UX of their app, can you?” … A seemingly straightforward request right? Well yes but if there’s anything I've learnt working closely with clients is that things are never as simple as, “Here’s a bunch of money, do the thing you do.” Oh no, don’t let yourself fall into that trap. Validate! Always validate what the expectations of an initiative are so that you can better meet those expectations but also gain greater control over what those expectation might be in the first place. …

Exploring the Habits of Wastefulness.

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For a moment, consider the fact that a third of the food grown annually for human consumption is never eaten. For one reason or another, it often ends up in the trash. Yet at the same time, 815 million people around the world are starving. It’s a problem — however one with no shortage of solutions.

I, along with most people I know, reluctantly throw away a great deal more spoiled produce then we care to admit. Over the years, I have tried a few meal planners in hopes of helping remedy the often pungent decay of my compost bin and save a little money while at it. …


Mitch Mills

Branding | XD

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