Electromine.fr VS attacks and problems : The Explanations

As you may know, if you mine with electromine.fr, the pool has always been one of the best around here. Strong hashrate, good support, huge block luck, and one of the most enjoyable community. But these past days, the pool kept having problems… Dropping our hashrate to the lowest. Let’s explain why.


One of the first major problem that we had was the DDOS. Let me explain.

Some of the haters, either from other pools, from ICO backers or from other sources, were DDOSing us. We fixed that fairly easily by buying a professional anti DDOS server. Since then we have not been impacted by any DDOS.

The UDP flood.

Then, the UDP flood happened, an UDP flood is when an attacker sends a large amount of UDP packets to random ports. This caused the pool to crash because obviously it was overwhelmed. This is where most of the miners decided to leave this pool. However it has happened to nearly every single pool out there. We fixed the issue, we added a firewall protection for those UDP flood to never happen again. We are now safe from them.

The bug exploit.

There was a method in the code of the pool that was not done properly. Some people found it, and decided to take advantage of it. As we were really determined to get out of this mess and go back to our old glory, we explored the code and found where the exploit came from. We fixed it, and since then, nothing of this sort happened again. The pool is safe from all known problems.


The pool is now working as it should do, every single problem has been handled with maximum attention and maximum priority. We will always do that for this pool, stay assured of that.

The goal now is to come back from these differents issues that we had. We can do it together. With the luck that we have on this pool, if we unite our hashrates, we will go to the moon. Make Electromine.fr The Best Again ❤

See you soon on electromine.fr

We are always here on the telegram chat if you need anything : https://t.me/electrominepools

Website : https://electromine.fr/