HashPhotos — Great Photo Viewer/Manager for iOS

Many users feel lack of functionality and usability with iOS native Photos app.
You might have many photos in iPhone/iPad but it’s very hard to navigate photos you want to see. Scroll up/down again and again.

#Photos(HashPhotos) offers great way to view, manage and edit photos.
If you are looking for a replacement of native Photos app, #Photos will be your final stop.

#Photos Available on App Store

Main screen only focuses on photos. #Photos uses all screen areas to show thumbnails.
By default, photos are grouped by month and shows date cells. You can recognize when those photos taken without any actions.
If you want photos not to be grouped by month or don’t want to see date cells, you can set these in settings.
Also you can choose thumbnail size small, medium or large. If you choose small thumbnails you can see more photos at once.


If you swipe main screen to the right, you can see album menu.

You can select and manage(add/rename/delete) albums here.

Tap add button (+ button on the right bottom) to add an album.

Long press an album to rename.

Swipe to left an album to delete.


If you swipe main screen to the left, you can see timeline of your photos.

If you tap date cell among thumbnails, you can set date event title which is shown in this timeline.
With this timeline, you can overview your life events and navigate fast and easily.


If you tap a thumbnail, you can see a large photo just like native Photos app.
But you can do more things in #Photos.

Share, Open in other apps, View photo meta information, edit tag/memo and delete.

Also a photo can be edited with embedded beyondFoto Photo Editor.

Swipe down a photo to go back to thumbnails.

Photo Info

You can see all details about a photo. Date/Time, Size, Camera Mode, Location, Histogram and more.

Tap details button(three dots button) to see all Exif information.

Tap location manager button(on the bottom right of screen) to change location or open in other map apps.

Tap or swipe down a photo to close information view.


Edit photos with powerful embedded photo editor “beyondFoto”.

Very easy and intuitive photo editor.

beyondFoto has most essential editing functions and all functions are organised well. Rotate, Flip, Crop, Adjustments(Auto Enhance, Brightness/Contrast, Exposure, Vignette, Grain, …), Filters, Frame, Add Overlay, Add Drawing and Add Text.

Selection Mode

Long press a thumbnail begins selection mode.

Touch and drag horizontally to select/deselect multiple photos/videos by dragging.

Tap date to select all photos/videos in a date.

Long press month header to select all photos/videos in a month.

Tap selection button on the top left of screen to see selection menu; Select All, Deselect All and Invert Selection. More menus will be appeared in Find Similar Photos mode.

Use 3D Touch to preview a photo or video.

Search with Tags

You can search photos by tags and places.
Tap search button on main screen to search photos by tags.

Type or select tags you want to search and choose mode “Any Tags” or “All Tags”.
If you choose ‘Any Tags’, #Photos search photos having any of selected tags.
On the other hand, ‘All Tags’ search photos having all tags you selected.

While showing tag search results, search button color is blue.
if you long press this button in this state, tag search filter is reset.

Search with Location

Tap location button on main view to see photos on map.
Navigate photos on map and tap a photo group will show only photos taken in that location.

And like a search button, long press location button to reset location filter.

Find Similar Photos

With smart phone or digital cameras it’s too easy to take many shots without worrying about film price. So you may have many similar photos. They are not only take your device spaces but also make you bored when you see those photos. You really need to clean them up after taking many shots. ‘Find Similar Photos’ function will save your time and efforts to organise and clean up your photos.


In selection mode, tap action button on the left bottom of screen to see #Photos actions.

Favorite: You can favorite multiple photos/videos at once.

Set Location: You can set location multiple photos at once.
* This action changes metadata on iOS managing database not a photo file itself.

Create Animated GIF: You can create animated GIF with selected photos.

Combine Vertically: You can combine multiple photos vertically as one image.

Adjust Date/Time: You can change time of photo/video.
* This action changes metadata on iOS managing database not a photo/video file itself.

Remove Metadata: You can delete metadata like Exif or location information.
* This action changes a photo file itself.

Private Album

You may have some photos or videos not to be seen by others or other apps. There is a ‘Hidden’ function in a native iOS Photos app. But it is just hidden from other apps not from other people seeing your phone.

Private album in #Photos is passcode protected and stored in #Photos app so photos/videos in private album is kept privately from other apps and other people.
* Photo/Video files are not encrypted.

Tap add album button to create a private album. You should set passcode to use Private Album.

Go to All Photos or any other album and select photos/videos to move to a private album.

Tap ‘Add To’ button then choose ‘Move to Private Album’.

Import Photos from Mac/PC

If you want to import photos from your Mac or PC, use importing function in #Photos.

Default syncing photos/videos function in iTunes is hard to manage.

Just copy photos into #Photos documents folder via iTunes and tap ‘Import’ button in #Photos. This will copy photos to your iPhone or iPad.

Thumbnail List

If you set off ‘Group by Month’ and ‘Shows Date Cell’ in Settings, thumbnail list will shown like this clean look.

Additional information can be seen on thumbnails.

Dimensions, Time or File Size

Also favorite, location, panorama and live photo badge on thumbnail can be on or off.

In panorama album, thumbnails are shown in panorama mode.

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