Star Traders 4X Empires Elite is a Strategy game for android. It is developed by Cory Trese and requires Android 2.3 & Up. Version 2.6.19 is recently rolled out on Google Play on August 5, 2016 and has 37M size. This version introduces Degla 80×80 Map, Orbital Habitation 4 Technology and rebalanced 8000 Mass Reactors.


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Star Traders 4X Empires Elite

You can enjoy hours of turn-based strategy. Lets, take command of humanity’s last survivors. Lead the refugees of the great Exodus to a new home in hostile space. Build a new galaxy-spanning civilization. Fight to protect your people to survive. Control rival factions and unlock lost technology.

You can grow a ragtag band of survivors into a new galactic empire. It challenges you to protect your colonies of galactic refugees from alien attack. Therefore, employ devious political and economic machinations to expand your domain. You can use spies and espionage to get the upperhand on your enemies. Moreover, it also allows you to research and build incredible new ships, weapons and technologies.

Game enables you to trade with a vast universe full of rich, dynamic characters. Hence, explore the galaxy and uncover its many secrets. It has multiple difficulty levels. So, customize map sizes. Moreover, you can use spies, economics, politics, technology and advanced weaponry. Lets, rebuild the human civilization from the ashes of interstellar war and become the galaxy’s ultimate leader in Star Trader 4X Empires.

You can play on more than twice the maps, including large and huge Quadrants. It also allows you to unlock the Elite tech tree. Therefore, gain access to hundreds of new upgrades. It permits you to battle against twice the alien enemies and AI types. Furthermore, it offers you to research 180 Technologies, 100 Weapon Types and 9 unique Hull Variants

What’s NEW

  • Degla 80×80 Map (90 Worlds)
  • New Tech: Orbital Habitation 4
  • New Upgrade: Orbital Platform 6
  • Rebalanced 8000 Mass Reactors
  • Xeno Strategic AI Updates for Large Maps (50+)


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