#ling 3c

Prior going to UCSB, I had many anxieties and conerns about here because I did not really know any people here. Who I am going to hang out with and am I going to be able to fit in and make any friends? I was so concerned with the people there and environment there. I knew it is a big party school and I was so afraid that everyone was too cool to talk. For me, I am not really a party person. I mean I love hanging out with people but I am not a big fan of drinking and dancing. I would rather spending some quality time with friends talking and hiking somewhere fun, so I was really worried about environment there. After coming to UCSB, I really like here with both the environment and people. On the first day here, I can not believe how nice people here. They constantly talked to me and explained how everything works for me. For example, I was not familiar with how the washing machine was worked then my roommate explained to me and even showed it to me. At first, I made a lot of foreigner friends because they think that I am funny and they are willing to hang out with me. However, I honestly feel my roommate is pretty weird and I do not really like her behavior. In all, I enjoy the environment and everything here. It is such a beautiful university, and overall the people are so nice to me. It is just certain people that I do not like.

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