Internship Myths Busted

I have been told often by others that internship is nothing exciting. All you get to do is to wait for time to pass by. Well, they are wrong. I have recently completed my three-month internship at XIMNET and guess what? I learnt a lot through my experience in working on real exciting projects and most importantly, I get to know the true meaning of a fulfilling life.

For those who knows XIMNET, they will surely tell you that they are warm people in the team. I did my internship together with my course-mate, Nicholas. Though we are both Multimedia students, we chose a very different field of work at XIMNET. I made up my mind to focus on design, while he dived in to learn new things by joining the XTOPIA Product Development Team.

In three months, I have learnt how to:

  • Build a website with using XTOPIA
  • Create interesting Facebook posts
  • Write short and precise meeting minutes
  • Plan a Company Trip for 20 pax
Sweet Treat from fellow Team Members

In summary, my life at XIMNET is busy, yet fun and enjoyable. We are often invited to join company lunches & dinners and that’s not it. We are also very lucky to be invited by the Chief Alchemist to join the upcoming company trip to Bangkok! I finally understand the true meaning of “work hard play hard”.

Thank you everyone and everything that has happened during my internship at XIMNET. This experience has truly enriched my life.

XIMNET’s Company Trip @Kuantan organised by Nicholas and myself.