Remember To Celebrate

All wins are worth celebrating regardless of their size because the journey towards a big goal is a long marathon. We often burnt out before we reach there because we tend to dismiss small wins as we go forward.

We believe celebrating wins are important for the company and every individuals because…

It reminds us why we set ourselves to do this in the first place. Our goals keep us alive and forgetting them defeat the meaning of striving hard. When we remember why the work we do is meaningful, we’re driven to do more.

It helps to motivate each other as a team. We always feel great when our hard work is appreciated. We become more productive in delivering great result for our users. Saying a simple ‘Good Job’ to a team member is a form of celebration too.

It builds momentum for ourselves as much as for our team. When a success is celebrated, everyone is reminded that their ability to reach the goal empowers us to believe that we are able to achieve event greater goals.

Giving our team a boost of celebration every now and then and reminding them that good things are still happening is key.

If there is something we wish to celebrate as a team today, it will be the great work we have consistently produced through collaboration from the engineers and the designers.


We work hard, we celebrate harder.