It’s truly a digital world. How can we be part of it?

There are so many digital things going on in technology. For example, we hear that digital devices now can control our homes, our cars, our cameras, our phones, our televisions, our schools…and more. We live in such exciting times!

I personally have seen a wearable digital device that provides real time health directly to your doctor or health organization and can call for help if needed. Where is all this going? More importantly, how can all of us be part of this digital future?

Currently, we are in a digitally divided world or perhaps a digital evolutionary/revolutionary world. Is it possible to be in all three at the same time? I believe we can and are experiencing this digital technologically world now. Some of us are simply out of touch with all the digital things around us. Some don’t want to be part of it like the elderly who think things are fine without technology entering our daily lives. Some of us are not aware that many digital devices are “evolving” to do many more things than originally expected, and more importantly doing things we never expected to exist in our lifetime or thought could be possible. We somehow got digitally separated.

Which world are you in? The divided one? The evolving one? The leading edge revolutionary one? Most of us are somewhere near the middle where we use smart phones, digital cameras, house controls, and voice command devices like Alexa. And, the current rage is adding voice command control to many already existing internet devices like our televisions. Where will it stop? We should hope that it doesn’t stop because envisioning new creative ideas and seeing them being developed and used en mass is our future. Our means of closing the digital gap is gaining the knowledge to uplift ourselves through new technology. If knowledge is power then digital knowledge is powerful.

While there are still millions of people who are nearer the bottom economic group and have little opportunity to learn or touch some of the more common digital devices, this needs to change. As more and more schools become digital, it becomes necessary to know technology and what technology can do to keep one competitive. It becomes necessary to have bandwidth at home for homework and for research. It becomes necessary to know how to use digital devices for job searching and seeking out career opportunities. The digital divide is real. However, there are several nonprofit organizations offering to bridge the digital divide via courses and training for underserved individuals. They have received grants from private industries and the government to continue their work in local communities.

The opportunity for bridging the digital gap is here and very real, and requires only the commitment of a person to participate.

Some Organizations providing free to fee-based training

National Digital Inclusion Alliance

Austin Free-Net

Closing The Digital Gap

Code 4 Community

Common Sense Kids Action


iUrban Teen

Technology For All

World Computer Exchange

World Education, Inc.


Youth Policy Institute

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