How to build a resilient team that can use design thinking to thrive while working remotely

Life as a consultant has changed dramatically. I was traveling and working closely with my clients to help create a vision, design products, and facilitate workshops at their campus. However, ever since the outbreak in the US, I’ve been working from home, and at this moment have no idea if I will see my clients in person again.

The pandemic has challenged every one of us, both personally and professionally. This caused concerns for our stakeholders about our ability to deliver what we had originally committed to completing. Despite the challenging situation, my colleagues and I were able to quickly adapt to the change and continue to produce high-quality work. …

Isn't a design system without a defined Voice & Tone just a visual style guide?

After creating many Design Systems for different clients, I realize that the power of Voice & Tone has mostly been undervalued, or even ignored. Even though I always believed in the way a brand sounds is just as important as the way it looks, I didn’t appreciate how much Voice & Tone could make my design life easier until I saw the effect first hand. So today, I want to share a story on how Voice & Tone can help not only represent your brand, but it can also clear up tactical decisions.

One day at work, a designer on my team presented a new page design for an e-commerce website called the “Resources” page. The purpose of the page was to provide answers to FAQs, contact info, and tips on how to use its service. No one from the scrum team, including stakeholders, liked the page name ‘Resources’ because it didn’t seem to be very helpful. So in the new design, we changed the page title to “Support” in the top navigation instead. …

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