Electric battery and powertrain technology provider XING Mobility has designed and delivered the world’s most modular electric vehicle (EV) battery pack to date. In a new motion graphic released last week, the company illustrates the incredibly effective thermal control capabilities of their patented Immersion Cooling technology, IMMERSIO™, and reveals how the unique cooling method achieves a greater degree of flexibility than any other battery pack on the market.

The innovative energy storage system works by submerging lithium-ion battery cells directly in a non-conductive engineered coolant fluid, which are then encased in a robust isolation shield, allowing the battery pack to…


According to industry experts in a large number of recent reports, electrification is well-underway in commercial and industrial markets. However, there remain significant delays in adoption, partially stemming from capital investment and the perceived risk associated with brand new technologies. In addition, many manufacturers have sizable commitments tied up in existing designs and tooling, and vehicle makers in specialty markets are significantly undeserved when it comes to easily adaptable, production-ready electrification solutions. In order to mitigate these concerns, XING Mobility is striving to offer customers the option of gradual investment and adoption by employing highly modularized technology and encouraging phased…

Founder Letter

Amidst the impacts of COVID-19, we, like everyone else, are making steps to take stock of and adjust to the new paradigms that the world is waking up to. Fortunately, in our headquartered location of Taiwan, relatively fast-moving and well-prepared government action has resulted in the majority of the country remaining open for business, and as well as continuing to commence with a number of battery pack shipments, we are happy to share the the following updates and advancements have persevered despite uncertain times.

XING Mobility has joined forces with Toyota Tsusho to cooperate on providing electric vehicle battery and…


It is well documented that construction sites have contributed significantly to emissions in urban areas and that fuel and maintenance prices are significant overall cost drivers in the industrial markets. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, there are over two million pieces of construction and mining equipment in the United States, which consume over 6 billion gallons of diesel fuel per year. In recent years, we have seen a huge uptake in equipment buyers and end-users demanding more by the way of electrification and automation on their contracts. So why is 2020 the year for manufacturers to respond to…


Thermal management in battery systems represents one of the most crucial challenges facing the electric vehicle (EV) industry to date, and this is largely due to its impact on a number of key battery features including charging speed, energy density and safety. It is unsurprising therefore that leading experts and market research organisations are dedicating substantial research resources to the subject of “cooling”.

As part of their Thermal Management for Electric Vehicles 2020–2030 report, IDTechEx recently released an article entitled: Immersion of Electric Vehicle Batteries: The Best Way to Keep Cool? which specifically explores the method of Immersion Cooling in…

XING Mobility

XING Mobility is a provider of automotive-grade electric vehicle battery and powertrain systems for specialty applications. Headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan.

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