2200, two thousand two hundred in English, dos mil doscientos in Spanish,二千二百 in Chinese, or in Jamaican patois two touzzn two hunjid. Two thousand two hundred Jamaican dollars was what students were asked to pay out for participation in Govt 3055 South China Sea Dispute Summit/Simulation.

Many individuals were surprised at such a high cost for a mandatory assignment in a mandatory course (for those studying International Relations). Comments such as “What is this money paying for?” were the headline consensus for many of the students participating in the exercise. I conducted a special interview with a classmate who requested to be anonymous, Xinhua News Agency Jamaica recognizes all ethics in research. Here are some of the questions asked and the responses received.

Question 1: Do you feel these charges are adequate for a mandatory exercise?
Answer 1: “I believe this is a bit excessive for a must exercise but yahfi do it fi pass”
Question 2: Is this the costliest assignment you have undertaken whilst undergoing your studies?
Answer 2: “Yes it is, I have done a culture course where the only money I had to find was for transportation and that was just last semester.”
Question 3: What do you think are your chances of passing this course?
Answer 3: “Well after spending so much money, mi nuh pass!”
Question 4: What are your thoughts on the secretariat?
Answer 4 : “ Well them a youths like us and dem a try a thing, because I believe everybody deserves a chance and dem nuh give me a chance to pree them…. (The individual was kindly asked to explain what pree meant for clarification) when I seh pree, I mean they haven’t given a reason in which to distrust them”

These answers were taken seriously as it reflected not the entire demographic of students that are currently doing Govt 3055 in the second semester of the Year twenty seventeen but only a small fraction of the population. The twenty thousand two hundred fees are supposed to cover food and other such necessities on the day such as name tags, refreshments, certificates. Who knows, maybe they were required to rent the gold room over by the UWI Mona Lodge, and as the name suggests gold is not cheap.

It should be noted that with the Jamaican dollar fluctuating, it is hard to predict what costs will be like in any set month. It is not as if the Chinese Government is Yen’ding or giving the UWI’s government department any substantial monies. However, the Chinese Government seeks to alleviate the cost that student face by offering scholarships for those interested in studying in the great People’s Republic of China. 
In closing, if you not spending Yen you are not spending with sense. Xinhua News Agency applauds the secretariat for their tireless work in working out a figure that will stress out students.