In this article we sought our companies and organizations who apart of the South China Sea Dispute Summit/Simulation. Xinhua News Agency ace reporter Hakeem Bryan noticed that Madam Special Envoy ignored and overlooked many organizations and companies. These organizations and companies present had a plethora of knowledge and expertise in which many country delegations needed to hear.

We start off with a direct quote from the International Maritime Organization (IMO)

“ We have been invited as technical support and yet we try to interject and is ignored, How we will get our grade?”. This is a very serious matter, how will the IMO get their grade after making the travel from their headquarters and carrying a ship’s load of information and not being able to use it.

A rare moment of IMO speaking on technical issues.

Following up the IMO, we are keeping it in the water as we bring forward a quote from shipping.

“Shipping feels that their points on specific issues are ignored. Article 3 (2) speaks on Commercial Shipping in China, it is vital as 5.3 trillion[worth of] trade passes through the South China Sea. China’s opinion is vital to our sector”. China’s opinion is key in all matters in the South China Sea.

Representative of Shipping Company

Shanghai Organisation presence was really a recruitment drive, according to their representative. “Our representation is warranted at this summit due to the presence of member states. To promote their mandate and recruiting countries. This summit is unfair to China as their peace and fellowship with other ASEAN countries as the United States threaten this with their bullying”.

We finish this article just as how we have started it with the International Seabed Authority, remember water is life and in the case of the South China Sea water is historical and cultural. “ We are here to offer help in the legal aspect with respect to our scope established by Oncus”

Seabed Authority representing face value
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