Amal- A station in the track of life

Amal family_Batch 21 (October 2016 to January 2017)

The journey of mine with Amal career prep fellowship started in October, 2016. In the beginning of this fellowship people used to ask me that being already confident personality and good academic profile why do I need to be in this fellowship, so the Amal interviewers asked me the same before it started. My response to them was that I have so many things I see my career in and feel like I can do them all and not really being able to decide what is actually made for me. So one can assume I was unable to be focused.

I wanted to be focused, I wanted to explore and know what else is there that I do not know or understand well.

The green signal was shown and I was selected for the fellowship and this wonderful journey began. Over the period of 3 months, not only got to explore the things I did not know before but also got to know myself better. Everyday during the fellowship had something new to learn and understand the life more critically not only to develop the career opportunities but to understand how the matters in life should be deal with. And now when it has been ended at the beginning of January 2017, I have been asked that, what is the one most important lesson I have learned in the fellowship?

Now, it has been ended at the beginning of January 2017, I have been asked that, “What is the one most important lesson I have learned in the fellowship?”

For me it was difficult to chose one thing and then after thinking for a while, it pinned out that the “Attitude”, towards dealing the life and its problems is what matters the most. The famous character of movie Pirates of Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow dialogue is what actually give words to my lesson of the life. It says,

The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about that problem. Do you understand?”

-Captain Jack Sparrow

This is important in each possible aspect. Why do we stop smiling when the situation gets tense? The need is to understand that if we develop the positive attitude it does not necessarily means smiling all the time. It means learning from the mistakes, it does mean to have some courage and move on to #JustStart all over again.

When I see myself before the fellowship I do not use any guage to measure my attitude, I observe the change in my attitude towards life, towards my career goals, towards the impact of my goals on the people around me and my community.

I see the changes that have developed around the time in myself. I see myself taking risks and chances. I see myself falling and failing and then I find myself embracing my mistakes, learning from them rising again with acknowledgment of lessons learned and courage to make new mistakes and find better ways while acknowledging and paying gratitude or may be just smiling and showing respect to those who were there around to bolster us with the tides of time.

To me the attitude of not fearing the failure and consistency is much more important and it does not come with only facing the negativity around but also coping with the circumstances, trouble shooting and digging things deep to understand and keeping the pace to learn forever.

During the fellowship I was over burdened some times but with the not to give up and do it attitude I am proud I made it. So among very few things in life we are normally certain about, I am sure enough that whatever will come through the hurdles or hard times, there will be good in it and all I will be taking care of is my attitude towards dealing it prospectively and optimistically.

With the attitude of gratitude, 

Hira Javaid

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