“King of Glory”- the top-grossing mobile game in the world

xinjun diao
Nov 23, 2017 · 2 min read
one of the in-game characters

“King of Glory” is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena)mobile game published by Tencent. In 2017 march, according to Tencent’s financial statement, this mobile game have more than 80 million daily active users and 200 million monthly active users. In the 2016, this game lead to more than 7 billion profit for Tencent and this is higher than 80% of the listed companies in China. In the Q1 of 2017Q1, this game can bring more than 3 billion revenue to Tencent every month. This game “took the crown for top grossing game for IOS and Google Play with 160 million monthly active users” . All these figures prove that “King of Glory” has become one of the most popular game in Chinese market.

And Nintendo, which is mentioned in our console case this week, has announced a partnership with Tencent to launch this game on Nintendo Switch because of its incredible popularity.

Based on the multisided platforms theory, this game is absolutely a multisided platform with two side: developers and gamers. One side of this platform is the developer of this game TiMi Studio Group,which is owned by Tencent Games. The other side of this platform are gamers. One fundamental advantage of this platform is that this platform don’t have to consider the “Chicken and Egg” issue at tall. Because tencent’s customers group have already covered almost every one in Chinese market. Almost 1 billion people use Wechat in China. So no matter what kind of game TiMi Studio produce, the tremendous amount of the wechat users can help to win enough initial users. Because for every TiMi game, if you want to log in your game account, you have to log in your Wechat. At the same time, Wechat itself provide advertisement for the new game launch by TiMi.

For the platform design, the loss-leader side is the developers and the profit-making side is the gamers.

From my perspective, the “chicken and egg” issue doesn’t even exist if the something behind the platform, just like the solid users bases in wechat, can assist developers in wining the initial users.

Some interesting facts about “King of Glory”:

90% of the player base was male in League of Legends, but in King of Glory, 54% of the players are female.

52% of the total players are under 24

More than 80 million matches start everyday.

Players under 12 will also be banned from playing the game after 9pm.



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