In my opinion, I think communication is the most thing that people should learn in people own life and also the communication can let you to make more friends, also if you have a good communication, you will have more friends to talk with you. And also the communication can make people more familiar and it help people to more know each other. I have some reasons that I think communication is important.

First, I think communication can make you have more friends and also the friends can give you happy and it make you more outgoing than before. And I am a very outgoing person, so I always talk with people and I have lots of friends. And when I something uncomfortable or not very happy, they will help me to past that and they give me happy. And those friends is all by my communication to know each other. So, that is very important. For example, I have two friends, one friends do not like communicate with others, so he never talk to people and he has less friends and when he feel alone or sad, he do not have people to care about he and he can not feel happy from the friends. But other friend, he is very outgoing, he like to make new friends and when he stay with his friends, he feel very good and he like this feeling.

Second, communicate with friends can make you know more information and also you can know lots of new friends when to communicate with people. So, I like to know more friends and everyday I try to do my best to know more friends and when you have difficult, more friends have more chance to solve the problem and that help you a lot. Also, when you stay with your friend, you can learn lots of information and talk about those interesting things and also say some own opinion to each other. For example, I always play with my friends and I always go outside to talk with my friends and when we talk about our interesting things, we will feel very comfortable and very happy. And today also is my birthday and I feel friends important, we make a hot-pot in the dining hall and we have a good time when we enjoy it and I am very appreciate that I have so many good friends to celebrate my birthday. So, that is the second reason.

Third, If you have more friends to communicate and you will increase your communication skills and when you have some business should talk with people, you will have good influence to people and it will help you to finish the business more easier. And that also can use to talk with girls and you will have more attention from girls and girls like talk to boy who have a good talking skill and it can help you have more friends. For example, I have a good talking skills and I think when I talk to people, I feel very confident and I think it is easy for me to talk to girls or others. So, I think if you have a good communication skills to talk with people you will have be very famous in your life and you will find you have more friends.

In my opinion, from those three reason which I said in the passage can provide me that communicate is very important for us to do. And the communication skills should practice and if you talk to more people, you will get more friends and you have more chance to talk and improve that. So, be a outgoing person and talk to others.