i downloaded the whole medium app just to comment on the last part of your article, which is a…
Reza Reinaldi

I've tried using Accessibility Shortcuts with triple tap (the triple tap gesture activates the moment any Accessibility Shortcuts are activated), my issue with that is that on iPhones with a home button (solid state or not), it creates a delay when double tapping. On the iPhone X, it's not much of an issue since there's no home button.

I personally wouldn't use AssistiveTouch myself, I don't like having a floating window block my content, but I do understand how easy it can be to have a toggle for Smart Invert any time, anywhere.

The even better way to implement a true dark mode on iOS would be to do it like how macOS Mojave is doing it right now, that way we don't have to fumble around for workarounds while developers scramble to properly implement Smart Invert for their apps.

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