Day Two & Three

The second day of couples’ practice was more of a success. More people showed up, which slowed the process down a bit, but we were all able to teach and learn from each other, eventually leading us further into the dance.

Prior to practice, I was really hesitant on returning. I knew that I wanted to participate in the show, but wasn’t sure if this particular dance was what I wanted to commit to. Eventually, I decided to go because I didn’t want to let my partner, or any of the coordinators, down. After practice, I was really glad that I made the right choice of showing up, which also confirmed my place in the dance. I had a lot of fun learning new moves and meeting new people, along with conversing with the other dance members about improving the choreography and future events leading to the show.

The day after was my first day at the singles’ dance practice. I really enjoyed it because it challenged me on my balance and hand coordination. The group consisted of only girls, for now, and although we struggled a bit more than we expected, it was great to bond in such a short amount of time of meeting each other.