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Being the first child and an only daughter I have a lot of expectations to hold onto myself and in my family. Shame is not something my parents are acceptable about. Especially coming from an Asian Hmong family with first generation parents, education is the prime key. Having my mom have a Doctors degree makes me have to fill those shoes. She’s one of the many few in the Hmong community to have a Doctor’s degree, especially being a Hmong woman as well. Having the sexist mindset, as being the only daughter I never had the option to have “ok” grades, just A’s. Where as for my brothers they’re okay if they have “ok B/C” grades. I didn’t have the option whether or not if I could take advance classes, it was an automatic sign up. But maybe that’s how I am where and who I am today. Striving for a better education to be a better person like my parents always lectured me about. Seeing how some people go their day with no motivation or end goal for their life and just wasting time, I can’t comprehend that way of lifestyle thanks to my parents. So all that strict parenting did end up helping me be the person I am today, and to me I see it more as a positive then a negative. But if you asked me how I felt about this topic 5 years ago, I would have totally given you a different answer. For the research I would explain my experience as the only daughter from a traditional Christian Hmong family, first child going into college and how the people who raise you affect who you grow up to be whether some may agree or disagree.

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