My Digital Story (Non-Service Learning) Post question

For my Digital Story, I think I will be focusing on option one. Specifically, I want to take a look and see how my values, interests, strengths, and identity change over the course of the semester. As a freshmen, I am still adapting and am unsure of all my choices, but over time I want to see how the people around me, my classes, my peers, and my campus will affect me. Will I become more confident in my choices? Will I find out new interests or an undiscovered passion for something? I want to see how I change, and how my experiences are compared to other students. How will my experience as a first generation Hmong college student compare to people of other backgrounds and cultures? Perhaps, I’ll find similarities that I have never thought of before. For this, I am thinking of collecting and gathering information through notes, videos, and pictures to record meaningful experiences of ideas. I could also interview students, as well as myself to gain a wide range of experiences and responses.

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