Xipe Tech: Offering Responsive Website Design & Development Services in Lucknow India

Xipe Tech is an India based professional web design company in Lucknow. We provide website design & development, Software development, mobile app development & SEO services to corporate or individual Business.

Responsive Web Design Company in Lucknow

What is Different Between Normal Website and Responsive Website:

There is a huge difference between a normal website and a responsive website. It’s overwhelming to think that most of the businessmen don’t make their websites responsive. What normally happens while making a website is that they have fixed width and height and everything in the website is of a fixed dimension so when you browse these websites with a mobile or any hand held devices, there’s lot of distortion in the quality of web page (shortly said: it wasn’t designed to be viewed by these devices) and there dives your market reputation. To read long lines, one would have to scroll a long way to read the actual sentence. This creates a sense of dissatisfaction among your visitors.

Web development Company in Lucknow

Web Design Services in Lucknow by Xipe Tech:

· Web Designing

· Responsive Website Design

· Logo Design

· Animation Design

· Graphics Design

Why we need Responsive Website Design:

People have two different versions of the same website, a mobile version and a PC or desktop version. While the PC version may look stunning, the mobile version doesn’t often look anything as good as the original site. The complex layouts aren’t supported by these small screen devices and hence the distortion. These mobile sites are HTML based with no complex designs whatsoever. Chances are that if you had your website created from someone else, you might own a normal website. The solution to your problem is to design a responsive website and we here in Xipe Tech happen to be the masters of this game.

By creating a responsive website, not only will your website be compatible with PC but even people who’re constantly on the go can have an access to your site through their hand held device without any sense of dissatisfaction at all. They’d be feeling like they were browsing your website in a PC. In these responsive websites we make sure that each and every element of a normal website are included.

Our responsive website solutions include:

· E commerce website design.

· Small business website design.

· Website redesign and updates.

· Custom PHP, ASP and .NET programming & designing.

· Database driven websites design

· Flash animations & designing

Website Design Company Lucknow India

Responsive Web Design and Development Services by Xipe Tech:

The best part in our Responsive Web Design and Development services is that we don’t just know to make one; we even know how to convert your present website to a responsive one. But if you really are changing it into a responsive one, please feel free to browse through our sample works to see if you want something new in your website. All of this is done at the cheapest price you can ever find in the internet. After all, we believe that our clients should leave for their homes only after getting the best solutions from us to embed a sense of satisfaction among our customers which is our only aim and motto.

Why Choose Xipe Tech?

· Creative and customization designs.

· Responsive websites with high level compatibility.

· Complete technical support.

· Art and Design.

· Programming and architecture.

· Easy and intuitive navigation.

· Professionally designed inner pages, service pages and product pages.

· SEO friendly.

Xipe Tech Dedicated Developer teams:

Our teams of developers work all through the day behind a single project, only to make sure that they’re delivering their best to the project. Xipe Tech sincerely believes in each and every of its project that quality should never be compromised at any stake!

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