Mexican company Biomitech is the winner of the 2018 Latam Edge Awards

Biomitech is a company committed to fight for the safeguarding of the planet and enthusiastic about the advancement of innovations motivated by nature.

The vision of the company is to be a leading global organization capable of generating a significant change in the earth. They need to give spaces free of atmospheric pollution to enhance the personal satisfaction of individuals, in this manner decreasing their odds of contracting respiratory diseases. Also seek to inspire other companies to join a circular economy model in the context of smart cities.

London, 19th of June 2018: Biomitech, a Mexican organization offering bio solutions for reducing atmospheric pollution, was the current year’s victor of the LatAm Edge Awards, the main prize celebrating Latin American scale-ups hoping to extend their business to the United Kingdom and Europe.

The triumphant company made an exhaustive plan, with biomimetic innovation, to develop their project hoping to manage air quality in both urban and industrial settings. The project applies the organic air purifying system “Biourban” as a contrasting option to reduce a variety of atmospheric pollutants.

“We are very excited about this win, which signifies a win for cleaner, healthier cities, looking for new solutions so that no more people are lost due to air pollution” says Carlos Monroy, the company’s CEO.

In their 2018 edition, the LatAm Edge Awards are offering a prize of £120,000 worth of administrations, so the triumphant organization can set up themselves as a company with a steady establishment in London, with an encouraging group of people to help them in building up their business in the United Kingdom.

166 companies from 29 countries signed up, coming from 15 different specialty areas.

Smart cities 14%, Technologies 13%, Creative11%, Fintech 10%, Management 10%, Retail 8%, Health 7%, Education 6%, Agritech 5%, Media e Energy 4% and Cleantech, Big Data, Government e Gaming at 2%.

83% of companies came from Latin America, 7% from North America and the Caribbean, 5% from Europe, 4% from Asia and 1% from Africa.

The countries with the highest numbers of scale ups to sign up were: Brazil (30%); Mexico (19%); Colombia (10%) and Argentina (10%) which confirms what we already know: these are the countries with the fastest growing tech ecosystems in Latin America. This year, only 4% of companies registered came from Chile.

Xipe was present at the ceremony of the 2018 Latam Edge Awards, and we are extremely proud that a Mexican company as it is Biomitech represent us internationally.

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