Download Imo For PC (Windows 7/8/XP/10 or Computer)

Free Download Imo For PC (Windows 7/8/XP or Computer): In the era of social ruling where apps such as whatsapp, imo etc rule our world, the demand for video calls increases dramatically. For this very reason the app such as imo has become so popular due to its vast features of providing free video calls and chat while consuming very less data and works on low end devices as well as low data packs which makes it stand out of the competion of whatsapp and skype. Now standing 21st century we are surrounded by millions of social chat media and it is definitely tough to choose the right chatting and calling application. This is why we are here with Free Download Imo for Pc/Laptop On Windows 8/7, Windows 8.1/Windows 10 guide here.


The popularity of a social media depends on its upgraded feature that can touch a mass of common people. Video calling is a must feature these days in a social messenger . With all this the application should also take less storage space in the device. And now we are here to announce such an app that has all these features in it and that is easily accessible by anyone and everyone. The app we are talking is Imo which is new in market but its feature are very attractive and useful.


What Is IMO instant Messenger?

IMO is an instant messenger application that connects with the contact list of one’s device such as phone and creates its IMO contact list, and through this one can connect other on IMO by message chats. With a single tap one can start a video call through IMO. Even the emoji option of IMO is very attractive and easy to operate. IMO is founded by the Harik brothers, Georges Harik and Ralph Harik. Both of them are engineers and they are the treasures of success in developing many social media.

Features of IMO for computer/laptop users:

Come let us know what make IMO messenger more unique than that of the other social messengers, the unique features are as follows:

IMO is of only 5 MB, one can understand it just take a little space in the gadget in which it is installed.

The homepage of Imo is very attracted and clean with minimum icons which makes the app easy to be operated.

With a single tap one can start video calling and messaging.

The emoji option is also impressive.

The app allows one to send unlimited video calls, documents and messages using 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connections.

This app is not only available for phone but also on pc, tablet.

This app is supported by android, ios, windows and Mac.

The video calling facility is available in high quality for free and unlimited times.

IMO allows one to start group chatting with friends.

The most important feature of IMO is that it is the most secured chatting app, security facility of this app is excellent.

This app is for all, starting from an engineer to a shopkeeper can operate this app.

Imo Messenger For PC Windows 8/8.1/7

Apart from the basic features IMO Messenger has many other advance and unique feature that one should always keep in mind. This very messenger acts as a inter office messenger also for corporate workers. The unique features that makes this app for popular are as follows — IMO’s customization, high conversation storage, to do list, sticky note customization, theme, various types of alert, sound customization, clean and easy single tap customization.

Due to so many features this app is also popular on Pc windows as well as Mac Pc which you can download here. This app works smoothly on all windows and Pc including windows 7/8/8.1 and latest windows 10 also. To download the imo app on your Pc, all you need is to just follow the guide and steps mentioned below.


Anyone who uses more than one of chatting social media app should definitely install this app, as it just works smoothly and fast. Even if one uses a messenger for only serving the purpose of communicating with people then again nothing can be better than this app. Now here I am going to explain the steps which you need to take for installing imo for Pc without any difficulty. But make sure you have installed the emulator.

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