How to cancel your Blue Apron account
Adrian Macneil

While they provide an interesting and useful service, these people are sometimes annoying. Hiding this function is a perfect example of just how little they care about true convenience for their customers.

They could have kept me as a customer if they had provided a way to suspend or pause deliveries until I requested “Resume”, but the only other option was to continually Skip deliveries with me paying the bill if I forgot. So I’ve canceled my account — which, it turns out, really means suspend/pause as they’ve got a resume/reactivate function and I can still login.

So the absence of Suspend/Pause and hiding Cancel My Account is truly indicative of a customer-hostile strategy and it illustrates perfectly just how sleazy/underhanded their real view of their customer base actually is.

I may or may not reactivate my account once my schedule normalizes, but I won’t forget this runaround strategy that they’ve implemented.

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