A New Chapter

In less than a week, I begin a new chapter in my life and I couldn’t be more excited! I will be attending The Iron Yard in Houston on May 22nd, 2017. My hope is that I will graduate from there in about 12–16 weeks and become a fully-fledged professional programmer and software developer.

Programming is completely new to me. Computers are not though. I’ve lived most of my life learning and using computers recreationally as well as professionally.

As soon as I decided to apply to attend at The Iron Yard, I started learning more about programming on my own. I actually started with C# and the free Unity Software making my own little rinky dink 2D games by following online courses courtesy of Udemy. But when I was writing code in C#, I didn’t really understand what I was doing lol…

It was then I learned that The Iron Yard was going to be switching gears and teaching everyone coming in, regardless of intent on front-end or back-end engineering, JavaScript first and then Ruby on Rails. So I started learning about JavaScript. Man, the barrier for C# is high for beginners. Conversely, JavaScript is so much more easier to understand! But I suppose both languages have their pros and cons.

As of a month now, I have been studiously completing code challenges on CodeWars.com using JavaScript. At first, even level 2 (7 Kyu) code challenges were hard for me. A month later, I can do most level 4 and 5s (5 and 4 Kyu). That combined with the pre-work stuff The Iron Yard has given me to do; I hope it places me at least somewhere in the middle of the pack of the class.