14 lines — Vol.1: Issue 13

poetry … in just fourteen lines
Messages for the heart and soul … in fourteen lines.

For Love — Matt Aguilar

In the gardens, deep in the woods
White moths dance upon the scented winds

As that of the iridescent green moss
stars shine bright upon the back of darkness

The light crept, unafraid, unabated 
to the gilded coal black ghost

Wet in it’s sorrows
as it lept upon the coast

‘Neath haunted pines of strangled leaves
She brushed the stones 
Blindly, eagerly

Unknowing of the otherness 
In which our hearts…

for each other they cried …

14 lines — Victor Garcia

indiscretion perhaps once be,
transgressions, my mishaps, are beyond many
Crystals are mirrors to my eyes
diamonds stolen away, Behold any?
murmurs of twigs sense armor
Rumors bring me sudden laughter
Smile raises some kind of objection
one raises courteous attention
subject called abuse, don’t hence now
Titles are a misuse, quick don’t you know
aren’t we all mouses, running a — bout,
open to suggestions, ask me something
would you know, what’s my relation
Considering I’m alive, what else is there?

Death of Poesy (Part VII) — Ferrick Gray

The serpent smiled as Cleopatra died — 
Projected frame of Life upon the stage.
Her love was true? Perhaps in truth she lied,
Escaped with hope to void the serpent’s rage.
And yet so young, her likeness shows the age
Of one who mimics greatness for a while.
But why these smudges on the virgin page,
When ego can but feign the serpent’s smile.
How sweetened are his words, for words beguile
An innocence, but Innocence knows well,
That love is false, virginity defile — 
For what some claim as Heaven; some as Hell!
 Ah, with a voice, a voice born to deceive — 
 And what the Tyger? ’Tis the one called Eve!

So Hath Monarch with No Ride — Kanta Roy

So hath monarch with no ride;
Oh! leaves still crunching dry.
Yet, craves hooves thy guide
zeals ox-blood apt high.
What modesty glittering thy grace;
O, setting sun, how brushing sky,
Hides yesterday in salty face
Embracing solitude with butterfly cry,
Enlightened gold-life with flavoured rage,
Doth inspire our barricade, at a glance,
Glassed ship crossing ripples strange,
Powered excalibur holding presence
Of old age , the agni-violent,
Ever avers foil to colder lament.

Dear Lord — Elusive me

Inside I feel I’m just a little girl,
Who dreams of happy endings to come true,
He causes butterflies to gently swirl,
And on my knees I pray this wish of you.
Dear Lord, don’t let my heart break from dispair,
Move mountains so he knocks upon my door,
I need a heart that’s strong to truly care,
I need a heart to love and so much more.
He needs to be my knight, with pen for sword,
He needs to have a truthful tongue to speak,
To whisper all his wishes to you Lord,
So prayers can be fulfilled for all we seek,
 He needs to need to love, to give his best,
 But most of all he needs a hairy chest.

I Don’t Want You — Alima J

I have been torn apart
Carrying the beatings of my heart
I look into the distance
I cannot make pretence
The road on which you walk
Is where we stopped to talk
I’ve said goodbye to you
There’s nothing else I can do.

I’m pained to look in your eyes
All I remember are the lies
There are no words to explain the hurt
The love within me I did exert 
I surely hope you can move on
You cannot want me, I will be gone.

Sweet Life — Saskia Jonker

Sweet life, I rest myself into your care
Your wisdom greater than my foolish dreams
Please meet me anytime, and anywhere 
Your ways have meaning still, or so it seems 
Aside my arrogance, aside my pride
I pledge surrender to you, trusted friend
Which e’r you may put forth, I will abide
And deep within know it is heaven sent
But should I stray, my ego not in check
Please grant me patience, mine are baby steps
Forgive what understanding I may lack
My mind may try to cover up the gaps
 But this I swear, I’ll ever hold you dear
 Wherever you will go, you’ll find me near!

Silence of the Evening Sea — Sumyanna

There are lights in the crevices of darkness,
beyond the span and time of years
they have always been there, shining -
lighting the path you did not see
guiding you in the right direction.
You can hear them whisper
underneath a silent moon
or when the wind whistles
and ruffles your sails
water rushing fore and aft
you release yourself to its gentle rocking.
Mariner’s eye to astrolabe is set
and a conversation is held among the stars
romancing your soul, the silence of the evening sea.

Happy Few — Mark A Bryan

The deal was my heart,
Memories worth living,
Finding a sweetheart,
I pictured us in paradise.

The two person in love,
Walking by the seaside,
Your eyes shine bright,
No secret why you are mine.

Each day we live fine,
Because you hold me close,
In the night brightening life,
And always willing with a smile.

My favorite happy days gone by,
New feelings return setting a blaze in my eye.

You Took Home A Beauty — Alima J

You took home a beauty wrapped in satin ribbon.
Safe home, gently immersed in water, 
concocted with toxic dreams, no longer thirsty.
The thorns unguard with your touch,
intertwining, intensifying,
the vibrant red velvet bloom.
From the moment you lift, 
ecstasy fills the oblivious wonder.
The soft velvety petals melt from the warmth 
of your fingertips awakening the scent.
Undressing, sending shivers down the spine.
Hedonism until the last petal falls.
Then you whisper…
We will meet again.

Morose Tendrils of Sadness — Garry Spooner

Morose tendrils of sadness, 
Sprout from the vine of self pity.
Making right decisions doesn’t stem the tide,
Nor closure bring comfort. 
A one way ride to the vet, 
We will bring you home to rest. 
Another inch or two of grave soil to dig, 
A stunted sigh exhaled with a tear. 
Goodbye to another pet that dwelt with us, 
Each a friend and companion. 
And with each one that passes, 
The loss feels just a little keener. 
 We will all return to earth.
 One way or another.

I’ll Take You To A Place — Alima J

I’ll take you to a place where no one has been.
You’ll discover what no one else has seen.
Where the water is clear and pristine. 
Where the valley is velvety green.
The mountains are sky high.
Hold me, don’t be shy.
Together we’ll fly.

Together we’ll fly.
Hold me, don’t be shy.
Climb the mountains up high.
Walk on the valleys velvety green.
Swim in the water so clear and pristine. 
You’ll discover what no one else has seen.
I’ll take you to a place where no one has been.

Birds — Portia Burton

They just can’t wait for the day-break,
Welcoming the sun with joyous twits,
Carrying his glow upon their wings
They tease the air, challenge its stillness
While celebrating their freedom and flight.
Leaving the coziness of the friendly trees,
They swirl toward the lusty sunlit meadow,
Deftly avoiding the touch of the soil,
Pick up the preys and soar back again
To twit and frolic in the indulgent sky.
After the whole busy day they return
Tired yet eager to meet their brood,
Do they pray for their safety, I wonder,
Like my loving and always anxious mother?

Along the Path — Archie Papa

We are what we think and what we feel
we are everything we’ve learned until now

Although we share the constant pulse of time
we may move in unique and different ways
the energy of thought and emotion

We possess powerful energy
with it we gain perspective to envision reality
our sight to navigate within it

We move energy into the present
at the same rate history spills into the past

Likeness of energy is the gravity of attraction
and so the bonds of longevity we endure

Powering memory of unique mixtures, feeling and thought
bonding together those which leave markers along the path

There is no limit as to how many pieces appear from a particular poet.

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