14 lines — Vol. 1: Issue 5

poetry … in just fourteen lines
All the beauty of poetry … in just fourteen lines.

Orchid Flower — Mark A Bryan

Romance is loving, beauty and discreet,
For here you are baby, always my queen,
So hold on, for your beauty I have greet,
Causing us to slip but not of the scene.
Something that fuel me and make me your man,
Waiting carefully, for you are my sweet,
Let your love grow tears, hold me, this our bond,
Speaking to you softly, as our heart meet.
So make your needs, be my wants, when apart,
For every longing there is a healing,
Please take time, to remember your my heart,
And every bit of your body, warming.
 And you make me, never have to worry,
 Cause you love me, twice as much,why hurry.

The Green Garden  Mark A Bryan

So the morning dew to the lovely grass,
Each day I write pen to paper like art,
Scrolling thoughts uncovered, shining like brass,
A feeling of serenity I start.
The beauty crafted like drafts on table,
Each passing moment is spend scripting words,
The ink dry on paper, some sheets labeled,
Feeling of generosity, I write.
My eyes are full of love and warmth of life,
Each hands is perfectly placed, writer’s drill,
Knee bent on learning and a belief live,
And knowledge bestowed, fulfilling my dream.
 The life I live is peaceful and gifted,
 Together with diligence, love I give.

Rivers of Melancholy — Matt Aguilar

Through the valley
Light, so distant
Broken rivers of melancholy
Years of darkness
Pulled with a glimpse
Beguiled, in skin so fair
Like dew on the moon
She wore those stars, in her hair
Drifting tides, swelled in her lagoon
One of kind soft colours
Sweet scented skin
Petal kissed of hushing blush
Time is ever growing
O my fairest, there is no rush …

Some are Man — Mark A Bryan

How the people you, see give you blessing,
Many will leave you, and they get ahead,
My first experience was, a teaching,
I arrived home, and went right into bed.
I did not expect to, see anyone,
One of my best, patience when traveling,
There is love and hate, throw someone, a bone,
I waited for the rain part, of living.
The weather make, me get prepare, and move,
The street made, a hissing, sound way outside,
I kiss my, palm and did not care for love,
I turned off, the lights, and let myself hide.
Blue love, on my lips, and the house,was old,
The leaks stop, with the rain, and now the cold.

Horizon Smiles; A Purple Blush — A L Schers

The wonder of a new day; at the morn
Blackbird chortles sweetly; sings of the frost
As light glows dimly; lifting is the dawn
Rises in the east; night’s magic is lost
Golden rays; mark love, in brightening skies
Qualities of the day; are in the mind
That splendour, one should breathe; within the eyes
Rise early, see such marvels; there to find
Some slumber in their beds; so miss that time
Creatures do rise, sun’s up; the new day wakes
To miss that molten gold; is such a crime
Regardless of who sees; the dawn still breaks
Everlasting, unfading; yet unseen
Beauty of that dawn; rides amaranthine.

Mind Work — Mark A Bryan

Deliver me to glory and then some,
They will never tell the story of love,
Sometime seven and sometime eight, a home,
Carry me to heaven, let us all move.
I see my place on land and seal my plan,
When ever I’m out, I try to reason,
I’m heading back, to my place and on land,
I look around, the corner a lesson.
When I reach home, I say hi, and then wait,
Returning only for a visit end,
An then traveling for miles, no profit,
Finding her safe was saying thank you friend.
News reach that I said hi just yesterday,
But I never wanted to leave today.

Poe’s Raven — Garry Spooner

A man who loved to write was Mister Poe,
One midnight came a tapping at his door,
Such tales of eerie, myst’ry dread and woe,
A visitor and surely nothing more.
He pined for she whom angels named Lenore,
Within his chamber weary and alone,
A terror froze him to his very core,
It chilled him to the marrow of his bone.
A raven with a stare as cold as stone,
Did utter nevermore to him at length,
please leave me now, be gone, depart be flown,
He begged this bird with all his might and strength.
But still he evermore remains in sight,
Those blackened feathers ne’er again took flight.

Finishing Touch — Mark A Bryan

The greatest gift, life; love will be the start,
Believing in us will make us many,
But only when you are close to my heart.
Going to the beach made the car sandy,
I pray I did not make any mistake,
Going out with you is always like such.
I like you and wanted to share the cake,
And I known you would enjoy yourself much,
Let us make a date for the wedding soon.
Take your time and let us make plans for life,
If you are lonely let’s look at the moon,
When we are back from vacation my wife.
 But if you like we both can make a wish,
 I wanted to say thank you with a kiss.

Beyond You — Elusive Me

Sweet reflections deceive with thy warm smile,
A broken heart, merely slivers of glass,
Afloat among lit stars made to beguile,
Thy true orbit, all memories surpass.
How I long to turn back the hands of time,
To undo such beauty once found in you.
The depths of thy soul reflected in mine,
Hopelessly lost to our obscured view.
Oh weathered painting how thy colours fade,
Impossible fate, mine heart still holds tight,
Blindly, seeking thou warm sunlight in shade,
Mere whispers of stars within dark of night.
 Behind this smiled façade mine tears dost hide.
 For lost in memories I yet reside .

Darkness Came A-Calling — Garry Spooner

As forms of cloud cast shadows o’er the moon, 
And flickered lighted candle burning bright, 
The ghostly apparitions sway and swoon, 
Projected by my mind and tricks of light. 
Don’t wake my demons, they’ve been buried long, 
A thousand years or more beneath the earth, 
In fires of hell they burned for doing wrong, 
And in that fire, refined to prove their worth. 
With silver coins upon my lifeless lids, 
Nightmares no more hidden neath my lashes, 
Tears transformed a snow storm made of ashes, 
A crossing of the styx which life forbids 
 Just leave me now and don’t disturb my grave, 
 Your living in my death, is all I crave.

Let Not The Sun Set — Garry Spooner

The stillness weighs in shades of eventide,
A soul could float above the realms of life,
Today’s sunlight across the sky did glide,
In eerie quiet silent tears run rife.
Although the sun has sunk and dipped below,
Horizons smudged in golden creases set,
Igniting crimson shades above aglow,
The darkness rules the sky without regret.
Is this the calm that reigns before the storm?
It could be just the respite from the war,
If only peace could someday be the norm,
And we could share together, rich and poor.
 It’s time for all to do the best we can,
 And join our hearts, a brotherhood of man.

Camellia — Mark A Bryan

O lightly feathered streams of love in air,
When suddenly you, welcome my hand dear,
A near end and love, held fast my soul here,
And with thoughts of me, you answered my prayer.
Beauty rose and quelled my fear with her touch,
Souls of darkness greet in the lighter part,
Through watery eyes, I still love so much,
Then gentle hands meet, in silence and warmth.
Anymore lonely hearts, their body lay,
And then through clouds of dark, answered a voice,
And thank you my love, we are her to stay,
If there ever was a doubt, your my choice.
Whisper sweet love into the night, like rain,
Then morning will find us both, without pain.

Wake, Within The Wake; Of A True Love’s Wake — Niamh Serendipity

Slumbering, serenely; in fathoms deep
Awaiting that sailor; who, would wake her
Though, until that ship arrives; she shall sleep
Could you need, more beauty; maid of the mer
Glistening gold, shines brightly; from fish scales
Auburn ringlets, shimmer; as human hair
Compared to yours; all earthly beauty pales
Found in you, is a loveliness; so rare
Sleep soundly, until you hear his horn pipe
Doze sweetly, wait ’til; he shall dance that jig
He shall be perfect; muscular and ripe
Yet, will founder; when parted from that rig
You could love him for only a moment
An instant, of bliss; within deaths torment.

If — Iam — Ferrick Gray

If I stare — 
 It is because I have never seen beauty.
If I cry — 
 It is because I have never known laughter.
If my heart is cold — 
 It is because I need your warmth.
If I am hollow — 
 It is because I need you to fill me.
If I am lonely — 
 It is because I need your company.
If I am unfeeling — 
 It is because I have never known love.
I am — 
 Nothing without you.

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