A heartbreak with new opportunities!

I always thought analyzing my fears would help me reduce them. It’s true! Being objective gives you a rational thought process which tries to make sense of whatever is happening in your life. Has it ever occurred to you that why we always try to find the meaning of everything that happens in our life? If we are undergoing through a depressed period , we start reading soul-searching books and when the situation is extreme , we end up visiting a doctor.We don’t do such stuff when we are happy. When we are happy , we simply live the moment forgetting everything. Then why can’t we do the same thing when we are sad.

Well, the reason behind all this pretty simple. It’s because we are scared. We are so scared to lose that one thing that we hold dearer than our own life, that when we lose it, we start searching for a reason behind it. We start rewinding our actions in our head a hundred times just to understand where we went wrong. Self-doubting becomes an unconscious activity which hits us in every part of our lives.

The truth is, we simply don’t want to accept the reality of our loss. We hate to face it because we know that once we do, our whole world will come crumbling down. So, we try to push it away or distance ourselves from the stage of acceptance. So what do we do to ease the pain?

The first step would be to accept it.Yes, it happened and you cannot change that. If howling underneath a pile of blanket with comfort food on your bed helps you accept the fact, then be it.

Secondly, stop blaming yourself for every downfall in your life. Bad things can happen , people can break your heart and you can get fired for no reason. Just accept it as it is and learn from it.

Lastly, life goes on and so should you. Things do get easier after a point. So when you feel it’s time, open the doors and step outside the doors to make some new memories.