In the 7th grade I convinced my Grandma to buy me a student copy of Visual Studio. I used to lug the accompanying Visual Basic book around at school. After getting kicked out of gym class I would sit in the office for that period and read it every day.

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6th grade with loads of flannel and my Jansport backpack

I don’t remember actually doing much programming in those days, but I had a passion for learning more about tech and became obsessed with hacker culture. …

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Taking some time to reflect in London, England

Thanksgiving 2017 I was hanging out with family near Las Vegas and generally having a great time, but I couldn’t stop thinking that maybe I should go back to school.

I was never actually good at school. I have a degree in Community, Environment and Planning from the University of Washington, which outside of my passion for sustainability, I was drawn to because the classes don’t use traditional grades and the students get to help set the curriculum. …

AnxietyTech is a new conference I’m organizing to discuss cutting edge technology and mental health. Everyone working in tech needs to attend! This is absolutely the time to have these discussions and build the community that’s going to end up making such a big difference for so many people’s lives.

The first tech conference I attended was JSConf/NodeConf 2011 in Portland, Oregon. It introduced me to a whole community of talented and interesting people. I remember seeing Dan Shaw on the light rail leaving the airport, being awestruck meeting Thomas Fuchs (of Zepto.js …


Jamund Ferguson

UI Engineering Leader

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