The feeling of your soft lips against mine, the way your fingers run gently across my naked skin, the way you smell, the sweet sound of your voice, the awkward way you hold me, the car rides, you being needy, wanting me to hold you when your over stressed, you laying between my legs as I run my fingers through your dark brown hair. These are just a few things I miss about you. Yet you want to know what really just tears me to pieces… the person you used to be. You were the perfect man for me and my daughter. Until your true colors came out. I think the reason why this breakup was so easy for me and the reason I do not hurt is because every single day we staid together you broke my heart. Every time you lied, made me feel like I was not ever going to be good enough no matter how hard I tried, every mean word you not only said to me but my two year old daughter. I knew you put your hands on her, I knew what you did but I hoped you would change but like you said before… people do not change they eventually go back to being the shitty person they once were. Did you ever stop to think hey maybe what I'm saying and doing to these two people who think the world of me feel. Nope you did not, you have no sort of compassion. You are a terrible person and I hate you but mostly I hate myself for thinking that you would change and would want to be a decent human being.

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