Trump Literally Said All Those Things.
Christina Reynolds

I feel like the Americans who think Trump is the liar are either in denial or just plain ignorant, as they like to call Trump. From war crimes to insulting other leaders to siding with dictators to supporting terrorist to alienating Islam and a lot more is more American that anything else. Even Obama (The best president US has had in my life time), despite the good will, has done all those.

There is the talk. All politicians do is talk and talk and no walk. Revolutionaries on the other hand, may not say the best things but they make the walk — Some are just terrible like Hitler, some are as good as they are bad like Che, some are more good than bad like Mohammad Ali, and some are good like Mandela. The only similarity is that they change they bring is fundamental.

The fact is, politicians are not good leaders. They are not the worst but they are not good. They have no cause, no empathy, they are always willing to compromise. Compromise is not a bad a thing but if one’s standards are always negotiable, then they stand for nothing(And we know how that saying goes).

Trump will be the best president America can give the world. Not because, US has many enemies that cannot wait for it to make a mistake, or even because he will be a great president; Because Trump is going to expose the hypocrisy in American leadership(read politics). This will not only be good for the world, it will be good for America. But more importantly it will be good for democracy.

Trump is just an extremely honest satirical version of any American politician. A pretender and salesman with a brand. And his supporters the same for any American voter — They know it is all bullshit, but they are all too lazy to think for themselves so they choose to switch off reason and just believe. Trump may use populist propaganda and Hillary, twisted and favorable statistics and numbers, but those are all just means. It is the same end.

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