What I’ve learned about love

  1. Just like roses come in all different colors other then red, love comes in all forms other then being romantic.
  2. The more you define love, the lesser the understanding you have of it.
  3. Unrequited love isn’t whole, and something incomplete isn’t love.
  4. Love is passion but not deconstruction. I don’t think love destroys but the lack of it does.
  5. People love differently but no matter how they express it, if they truly love you, they will always find a way to make sure you know it as well as you know your favorite things.
  6. If being in love is hurting you more than making you happy, chances are, it’s probably not love.
  7. Love isn’t what two people share on social media but what they actually do share off social media.
  8. Love isn’t blind and love isnt stupid. Love has the most beautiful eyes and it is wise. Don’t let love be an excuse for someone’s unacceptable behavior.
  9. No matter how much you try, love is hard to completely get rid of. If you’ve loved someone truly, a part of you will always love them no matter of what year it is or how things ended. And that’s not pathetic and that’s not sad.
  10. Love is strong and pure. Love did not make you weak or bitter. People who are unlucky to know and feel what love is made you that way.

Kristina Cutrona💋

Written by

I don’t need a inspirational quote. I need a nap.🙃 Lexi 1.24.20.🐾❤️

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