Good Kids

This week I watched an independent film called Good Kids, written and directed by Chris McCoy. I was a little disappointed with this movie because it had the potential to be interesting but it just wasn’t. The storyline is about four friends; Andy, Nora, ‘The Lion’, and ‘Spice’. They just graduated from high school, Ivy League school bound, they come to the realization while they were so dedicated to school and getting good grades that they missed out of having a social life or the “high school experience”. So the summer before college they planned to get out of their comfort zone and start going to parties, and experiment. Unfortunately, the storyline becomes cliche in a matter of minutes when each character establishes their goals for the “summer of yes” (try drugs, get a boyfriend, hook up with someone, drink, etc.) because they set it up with this excitement, but it falls flat through out the movie. The parties in general didn’t make sense to me, if the movie is about good kids going wild I would have expected to see scenes similar to Project-X or Spring Breakers, they were mesmerizing. Instead what you see is casual day drinking in mini mansions. The directing and scripting over all was weak. Each scene felt like it was slapped together and there were unnecessary sub-plots and a random love triangle that didn’t add anything to the storyline. Good Kids is a watchable movie, but not exactly an enjoyable one.