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Have you ever been put in a situation where, facing choices, you make a call, and it ends up blowing up in your hand?
Not only you don’t get the expected result, but the backlash is even worse, ensuing in a ripple effect of negative outcomes.

That does not feel good, does it?

I had a great opportunity and was to complete a demo that I would have to lead a presentation on in front of deciders. …

Today, I bid farewell to my fellow Yieldmates.

It is bittersweet since this group is composed of a talented bunch which I am sure will achieve their vision to make mobile advertising more engaging and less invasive.

Previously, over my two years spent at Axial, I grew from a front-end engineer shipping their first mobile app (thanks Ionic) to a technical team lead. It had been an invaluable opportunity for me to grow personally by helping other engineers get a better sense of their career path, and professionally by tackling bigger projects representing higher stakes. …

Edit 02/26: access to the repo for this code here

The Ionic team has been hard at work trying to lower the barrier of entry in the mobile development world.

The Ionic Creator is a simple prototyping tool that helps developers, designers, and project managers to quickly build mobile apps and websites without having to code.

This allows for a quick feedback loop among a team which helps speed up the development process drastically. A project manager might prototype a design and generate real, clean Ionic code to give to a developer. …

Xavier Lozinguez

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