• Michael Bloch

    Michael Bloch

    Former McKinsey Senior Partner with 23 years focused on technology and business transformation. I now help scale up non-profits on behalf of their funders.

  • Marie Gulin-Merle

    Marie Gulin-Merle

  • Rachel Weiss

    Rachel Weiss

  • Mathilde Cristiani

    Mathilde Cristiani

  • Benjamin Elbaz

    Benjamin Elbaz

  • Georges de La Ville-Baugé

    Georges de La Ville-Baugé

    French founder of OpenBubble, a conversation starter IRL and online

  • Cathy Brooks

    Cathy Brooks

    Raconteur and Silicon Valley expat who’s gone to the dogs … literally. Read more here https://www.linkedin.com/public-profile/in/cathybrooks

  • Béatrice Duboisset

    Béatrice Duboisset

    Executive Digital Communication, Customer Management 2.0, Social Marketing Tendancies, Women Leadership, Art Lover, Culture Curious, Human Sensivity, Epicurean

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