Tortuga Backpacks’ Webstore Usability Testing

By Ilya Masalov

Tortuga Travel Backpack seems a great product, but a quick usability test reveals that consumers tend to run into some issues with the user interface and buyer experience.


Identify the pain points of Tortuga Backpacks’ current user interface making it more streamlined and user friendly.


We want to find a solution to the following problem areas:

  1. Can users easily navigate through the different selections for the product of their choice?
  2. Can the consumer easily make a purchase?


Users were asked to perform the following tasks:

  1. Explore the main catalogue page;
  2. Learn more about the product that best suits the user;
  3. Try to buy the product.

The following is an example of a given scenario: “You’re going for a week trip to Europe soon. Discover and purchase the best backpack and accessories for your trip.”

All Products Page


Users are feeling frustrated. Here is an example of some of the questions that arose:

“What are the basic models? To whom are the geared towards? What’s the difference? What about accessories? In order to find the answer to these questions, I had to click on random links. Feeling frustrated.”

In almost every example the user’s feel frustration in trying to choose a product. Half of the users never attempted to click on a “How to choose” link, and instead clicked randomly on every product.

  1. Unfolded ‘Shop’ submenu at this stage is only confusing. It is unclear what to choose and where to click.
  2. It is unclear what the difference is: between products, for what purposes in which they are used, and where to begin viewing the products.
  3. It is difficult to discern which accessories (in the suggested products link) are to be matched with the main product shown, because they are not universal.

Design Suggestion

Possible Solution: Maximizing the efficiency. To show the difference not only through pictures, but also to provide a short explanation of the product, so that each item is highlighted and described — summarizing its “killer feature” while also annotating what accessories coincide with their respective bag.

What we have after the redesign:

  1. Main description explains everything and through the links you can immediately jump to a specific product;
  2. Focus on each main product, while simultaneously showing small product descriptions that explain the “whats” and “whys”;
  3. You can clearly see which accessories complement the main product;
  4. A “How to Choose” section moved right to the FAQ page of each product.

Implementing the above design could substantially improve Tortuga Backpacks’ customers user experience.

Product Page


The most important review quote:

“I like Tortuga Backpacks, and I would like to find out more about the bags, but I do not understand how to get through the site.”

It is good that there are a lot of photos, however, most are duplicates of the set in the description.

Large, unformatted text is interspersed with comments complicates the perception of information.

Some of the people did not understand that the star rating is based on the reviews because of a large text, never realised to scroll down.

Design Suggestion

Possible Solution: Focus on features and essentials. Arrange the layout.

What we have after the redesign:

Duplicate images are removed, and the rest are reordered.

Sub-menu is reworked. It turns out that Features section was a condensed version of a Description section. Shipping, Returns, Warranties section, and the Videos section containing videos for those who have already bought the product would also be moved to the FAQ tab. Also, these videos could be sent by email right after the purchase.

The main feature of the product is moved to the top of description, and the rest is hidden under the Read more button. Now access to reviews is not hampered. If a person wants to explore the other features in more detail, it will be able to expand the whole text. It also can be seen what kind of accessories are suited for this backpack.

Implementing the above design might improve the user experience.

Though I do not work at Tortuga Backpacks, I believe that the discovered ideas could be applied with success.

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