Diving into the elephant in the room

We’re just now under 30 days until election.

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Let’s dive into the elephant in the room. Sexual assault. Rape culture.

I see so many people, especially men, focus on Trump’s words and less on his pattern of action.

Action. The act of doing.

This is why so many people finally woke up. It’s no longer just words. It’s connecting what everyone already thought with his own words describing his actions. Actions.

Here’s what I don’t understand. The defense.

Can we really be so blinded that we throw everything to the side?

What does validating this behavior with a vote say to our daughters?

Our spouse?

What example does that set with our sons? That it’s acceptable behavior?

To the fathers, you know that this is the kind of man you would be mortified to find your daughter going out with. This is exactly why you stand in the doorway, like a badass, with a sidearm attached to your leg, the moment he appears to pick her up.

Is objectifying women still not a concern in your world?

Do you not know anyone who has experienced such paralyzing experiences?

Being president of the United States of America is more than policy. The character of a person leading an organization naturally extends to the leadership team around them, which then begins to emit beyond those limits. The picture of the president will hang on every elementary school in the United States. Our children will, literally, look up to this moment of history each day.

This, among everything else we know about this man, is not one who should be anywhere near the White House. Especially if we care about improving the lives of women everywhere.

If you can’t stand with Hillary Clinton because of your personal values, I get that. If you are choosing not to support Hillary Clinton because of everything you’ve heard, I encourage you to think deeper, seek multiple sources surrounding your concerns, and balance those thoughts with Donald Trump.

What I’m reading…

“We should stand by our Republican nominee.”

This is so much more than a label.

“Voters don’t care about this.”

This voter does. I think a lot of women care deeply about it because this hits so close to home. Some men, on the other hand, need to wake up.

“Bill Clinton? Such hypocrisy!”

There is nothing about Bill Clintons actions that should be supported. He screwed up. Plain and simple. He also screwed up while in office, so the American public didn’t get a chance to prevent it.

“Hillary Clinton! She attacked those who came out against Bill!”

I’m not going to pretend I understand what it feels like to go through such turmoil and what was in her head. There are women who choose to work through problems and there are tough women who defend their loved ones during a chaotic time.

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