Offline is what matters the most.

Offline is what matters the most.

This is going to sound a bit harsh but offline is what matters the most. Having thousands of followers / friends / links into social spaces is driving you away from appreciating the reality and creates inside of you a need of being a celebrity. We, for sure use social spaces to create that feeling of togetherness, shorten distances between us and our loved ones, discover and learn but what we note today is that societies are becoming anxious and paranoid. Constantly pushing content to social medias like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube diverts attention from our reality.

Jonah Berger Associate Professor of Marketing at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania conducted a research with the help of Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe, What they found what surprising : 37% of Americans (including 69% of Millennials) confessing to checking their phones at Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, 81% of Americans believe holiday gatherings were more meaningful before smartphones. Instead of being a communication facilitator, technology has become a barrier to meaningful connection.

While some of us are using social networks to push meaningful content, defend a cause, learn new things, build a social capital, create materials. Others are just exposing their lives without any recoil, every single scene looses its own value when snapped and put in Instagram because of the chase of likes and comments plus the unpredictability of them both happening so you keep checking again and again, Facebook posts virality is taking over the content quality, what matters is fake likes and a ton of emojis. The reward every single user is running after.

We all face the boredom at some point and it never dissipates because of the lack of real offline connections. Here at Peps, we are trying to solve that issue by building the right tool for our users, we are keeping our focus on building a mobile app that will allow users to meet their peers for whatever reason is : Language exchange, building stuff, helping a community, discovering the city, going out, making music, creating art, learning Chinese and the list goes on and on. Our ultimate goal is to feed you with real “Moments” happening around you and give you the choice to join what matters for you. We are rethinking the way we share our passions offline.

If you feel interested by what we are building, drop us your email here and we’ll make sure to share the news with you.

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