Focusing on sentences

Aphorisms are statements of profound truth, expressed in an efficient, careful or with manner. “ Aphorisms are food for thought- like sushi, they come in small portions that are both delicious and exquisitely formed. And, like sushi, I can never get enough,” said James Geary. An aphorism can use a convincing and sharp tongue to tell people a complicated wisdom in the simplest language. To achieve this, Aphorisms contain a wide grammatical variation which deserves people to study and apply to their work.

I chose to write my aphorisms on the themes of success, writing, and language.


  1. Being succeed at first is a failure.

I began the sentence with a gerund phrase and kept the sentence short. I think, in this way, I can emphasize my point that failure doesn’t mean people cannot succeed.

2.Success is determined by the quality; Quality can only be achieved by quantity.

I combine those two sentences with semicolons to show that both these two sentences contain equal valuable wisdom. Also, I use the superlative to emphasize the importance of quantity. Although I used passive voice which violates the rule of clarity, I still think passive voice played an important role in keeping the cohesion of the sentences.

3.Self- identified people who have a correct of recognition of the specialty and weakness they have are more likely to success because only those people can make the best use of the advantages and bypass the disadvantages.

I coordinate and combine clauses with subordinators, and using different clauses combination” architectures, which made the sentence especially long. But I think it is a complicated idea, by this way, people can understand my point better.


  1. Poor in thinking, people show weakness in writing.

I use the Participial phrase to describe the kind of people who will find writing difficult. I believe this shorten the sentence at a particular stage, which make the information I want to express more direct and substantial.

2. Inspirations are like Kamis which hide in everyday objects; People just lack eyes which can find those Kamis.

I coordinate and combine clauses with subordinators, and using different clauses combination” architectures. I think the two “kamis” which on the two side of the semicolons correspond each other, enhance the cohesion of the sentence.

3. A lot of people are afraid of calling themselves writers because they think they are weak in writing. Asking their reasons, most of the people will respond that because they are poor at grammar, they don’t know how to construct an essay, and they lack the storage of “intelligent” words. However, I think, a successful writing cannot be judged by those standard definitions. The solid truth of writing is writer’s mind. Whether they have a developing and evoking topics is the key to the success of an essay. There are no writers in the world, or everyone is a writer because writers are people who write with their heart.


  1. Imagining yourself as a native when your are learning another language.

I use the gerund phrase at the beginning go the sentence because I want to emphasize the action.

2. Learning a language is like designing an outfit, stopping at the point you feel satisfied.

I use the participial phrase and simile in this sentence. I think the Participial phrase can make my sentence more stylish, and the use of simile can make audiences feel familiar with my topic which makes them easy to understand.

3. A lot of people in China feel ashamed of themselves because they can not speak English well. Due to the wired and ubiquitous, “ common sense” in China that only well-educated people can speak fluent English, people poor in English are often disdained by their peers and boss. However, I think foreign people cannot speak Chinese as well because they don’t use foreign language in their daily life. Therefore, People who poor in English should not be considered poor-educated. Language is just another way of speaking, not a way to judge people.

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