Napalm Saves Gitlab on the local server.

It was midday young napalm had just entered the matrix. As a young maintainer, he knew the odds were against him. He traveled to the faraway land of Debian server. A place very few travel but the ones who do travel are the greatest in all the land. Once he had gotten there he noticed everything was dark and dismal. Napalm ceased all movement and began to hear very strange noises. He knew something was wrong. He ran sudo apt-get update all was stable. However little did our young hero know there was a danger lurking in the dark forest. To liven up the place he quickly ran sudo apt-get upgrade and there the broken git-lab monster approached. With it’s flailing tentacles of doom he knew his days could have been met. The monster was a large cthulu looking, creature, it grabbed napalm with one quick swipe of it’s tentacles. “OHHHHHH NOO,” he cried as he had almost been beating by his adversary then he noticed. I need to cast pikaday with my npm powers but where. He seen at the root of the monster many dead associates’ corpses billowed and buried rotting from the time and the soil. Then there it was a ruby gem hidden but how to cast the pikaday spell into the ruby then he figured it out. He cast the pikaday spell to the rails and down onto the creatures ruby gem. The creature then was turned into a cute little octopus. The world of the local Debian land was safe again. And young napalm made a new friend.

The End.

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