strobe lights, iridescent lasers & glow sticks fill the room

the fog from the smoke machine intoxicates us

bodies bumping into each other grinding without any care of who is watching or judging

moving wild and erratically yet fluid like water creating synergy

the sound of loud music, clapping, dancing & laughing

fists in the air

everyone losing their inhibitions more and more with each song change.

My potential lover walks into the rave & it doesn’t take him long to get into the groove

We dance synchronizing to the beat freeing ourselves together

the song changes to a slower pace & I move my hips in circular motions to allure him.

he makes eye contact with me from a distance and smirks

I can tell he’s into it but looks away with resistance

That only makes me want to come closer & dance more sensual to see how much he can hold back before our bodies connect

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