Lelo vs. Lelo: Which Brand Sells the Best Sex Toys?

It depends.

Both are excellent brands. And they both have amazing lineups.

It’s the reason why they’re industry leaders…

But both brands are different. They come with pros and cons that appeal to different needs.

We’ll discuss both below. We’ll compare the SVAKOM and Lelo brands!

Starting With Lelo.

Lelo is a Swedish brand that’s been around seen 2002. And this adds up to 17 years of selling intimate toys.

And a quick glance at its site shows why.


Their sex toys have beautiful designs. They look futuristic, incorporating metallic rims and flamboyant colors.


Items are well categorized.

On the Lelo site, you can explore toys by gender. You can also search for toys by type.

So you can specify vibrators, massagers, “certain shapes,” etc.

And that’s where the advantages stop. And for a reason…

Product Design Complaints.

While beautiful, many buyers of Lelo products have complained about practicality.

That is, some Lelo products incorporate plastic finishes on their ridges. And this leads to irritation to genitalia (and sensitive skin).

Another point is design flaws. While aesthetically beautiful, Lelo products are hard to clean.

They’re prone to collecting dirt and bacteria. And that’s because they slant at odd angles throughout the toy.

Supposedly, this is meant to give them an “elegant look.” But it comes at the cost of user-experience.

Also — High Price Tags.

Sifting through the Lelo site is a jaw-dropping experience.

Prices are quite high. And they’re unaffordable to the average consumer.

For perspective, toys may cost anywhere from $150 to $250. And that’s just for a single toy (and no extra offers).

This 2–5 times what you can pay for a good alternative.

However, to give credit, Lelo does provide a 1-Year guarantee on its products. But still, it’s hard to get that into effect.

You need to go through a meticulous process to put the guarantee into effect.

So Lelo is a Bad Brand?

Not at all. It’s just not suitable for the wide sex toy market.

Prices are too high to justify quality. And most of the brand’s marketing is related to the aesthetics of their sex toys.

So you need a Lelo alternative that fixes those problems. And this is where the SVAKOM brand comes in.

SVAKOM: Fixing Lelo’s Problems.

The SVAKOM site offers many advantages similar to that of Lelo’s.

You have the easy navigation option. You can look at sex toys by gender, type, while seeing multiple on display at once.

And its toys are aesthetically pleasing. But in a different manner.

Simplicity and Color.

SVAKOM toys look modern. Yet somehow, they also look simple.

Most product are single-colored. And the colors of choice are usually intense and passionate.

With SVAKOM toys, expect many shades of red, rose, and maroon. And every now and then, you’ll get black and neutral colors!

So How is it a Lelo Alternative?

Let’s start with pricing.

SVAKOM products cost anywhere from $60 to $199. That’s much cheaper than Lelo’s $150-$250 price range. For example, Svakom Judy Anal Plug only sells $69.67

Much-much cheaper actually.

And their products come with similar guarantees, if not more.

With SVAKOM, you get a 1-Year warranty on all products. If the product malfunctions during that time, you get an immediate replacement.

Then there’s a 10-Year Quality Guarantee.

During that time, if the product doesn’t deliver the promised experience — you get 50% off all future SVAKOM purchases!

But Does the Price Justify the Quality?


SVAKOM products are designed with 2 intentions in mind.

The first is to give users maximum control over their experience. So you’ll notice that their toys provide dozens of intensity options.

Some offer up to 26!

And then you have multi-functionality. Many of their toys are designed for multi-gender use, and in many situations.

In fact, it’s common to see diagrams explaining the multiple ways to use a SVAKOM product.

And finally, we should mention that they’re easy to maintain.

A SVAKOM product doesn’t collect bacteria and grime like other designs. They’re easy to clean, only requiring spurts of water and some soap.

So they’re convenient to use!

So Which Brand Should I Pick?

You can try both. But if you want value for your money, go for SVAKOM.

Their products are high quality, and with affordable prices!