I’d paint the sky orange

Just to say how life isn’t always what you’ve known

I’d stand still for a minute

To remind myself that sometimes we need a pause button.

I’d breathe in air and trust with all my heart

Because God has never failed and He won’t start with me.

I’d laugh and live

Because no one can be happy for me

Because I deserve to live and let go

Because caring too much about what people think is suffocating

I’d pick myself up and hope again

I’d forgive and be free

I’ll be me and I’ll be me

Because someone, somewhere has been looking for someone like me.

And I don’t need to be who I’m not

I’d dance when the wind comes around

Because all my mistakes and missteps have been in preparation for a victory dance.

I’d paint when I feel the inspiration to

Because God blessed these hands and gave it stories to tell.

I’d write even though I don’t feel good enough

Because somehow someone always finds comfort in my jumble, mumble and hubbub

Come on, let it go, just let it be.

Be you and I’ll be me.

And I’d listen to James Bay sing about “letting it go and letting it be” to remind me that you were never mine and it’s really time to let you go.

And when it’s the end of the song, I’ll replay it till I know to do just that.

Love, Cyra.

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