When forgiveness comes to stay

I love that when I think of you, I think of good things.
I think of how much I liked you and that makes me smile.
I love how warm my heart feels, I love that I’ve come to be grateful for that feeling, when it was, how it was and what it was to me.
I love that it makes me more careful in giving my full hundred percent, I love that I still believe in love, and everything its all about.

I love that it’s made me know and find my own way of loving.

I love that it broke down my walls, made me free and gave me technique.
And I love that even here, way over here I still get proud of you when you move mountains.

Forgiveness has come to stay and I love that it has made me unafraid to say yes to a love that has been ready, a love that has come to stay, a love that's so deep it scares me.

And I know that forgiveness is here today because I love me even more than I did.

Love, Cyra.

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