And So It Goes

The Sunday before the election, I woke up with a nightmare. It wasn’t your typical nightmare. There were no monsters jumping out of the shadows or hiding under the bed. Instead I was in the depth of the Universe, out of reach of all the noise and chaos that consumes this world. While in my blissful state, I was shown an image of the new president elect. I apathetically accepted this as fact and abruptly woke up. Rather than being reassured by the dream, I was troubled. Not because of who was elected but instead by my lack of caring about the state of this world. When I told my boyfriend about the nightmare the next morning, I explained it away as an anxiety dream. Now I’m not so sure.

Like many in this nation, I watched as the election results poured in. I turned off the results when it was clear who the new president elect would be. The next day I watched as the buzzwords “divisive” and “bubble” and “elitism” were spewed as the new rhetoric of who was to blame for the outcome. And still, I felt like what the media was spoon feeding the nation during this past week still wasn’t right. I know Trump supporters and they are good people. I know Hillary supporters, and they are good people too. This election became too much of an “Us vs. Them” situation, when it should have always been a “We” situation. A liberal policy is not more or less important policy than a conservative policy and vice versa. We are still one nation, no matter what garbage the media wants to force feed you today.

We voted for change within our democratic system and that’s exactly what we are getting, for better or for worse. I’m reminded of Kurt Vonnegut and his words, “And so it goes.” We see what is happening and we try our best to remain untouched by the nonsense of it all and we say, “And so it goes.”