Medium Login FAQ

How about this scheme, instead? Users login with an email address and password.

I know, it’s a very unorthodox idea.

But it would save us having to repeatedly attempt to log in using our 4 different twitter acounts, a facebook acount, and 10 different google accounts, plus 10 different other email accounts that they can’t ever get a clear picture of whether they’re logging in to an existing account or creating yet another new one — only to finally give up, accept that they will never again be able to figure out how they used to login in, sign up for a brand new account just to leave one single comment on this blog about how angry they are that they will never be able to find or access the stuff they already spent time writing here again.

In other words, it would make the site usable.

Yes, I see other people are using it, but frankly, I can’t imagine how. Either they only have a single social media account that they use for everything, or they have superhuman memories, or I don’t know what.

Because I just completely lost access to, fortunately, not too much writing. But enough to make me pretty damn frustrated.

Maybe a “recover username” link somewhere? Another extremely unorthodox, almost unheard of idea on the modern web, I know. But one that might have left me not feeling like I wasted a bunch of time posting on here only to have it wind up locked away somewhere in cyberspace where I can’t find or access it.

I just really feel like when a user say, clicks a ‘follow’ button, responding by sending them spinning futilely in circles for 20 minutes, before not giving them what they wanted, is an overall really poor UX pattern.

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