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Hey y’all!

A few weeks ago, I started using Spacy to detect locations in job descriptions. Spacy is an NLP library that lets you do pretty powerful stuff out-of-the-box and get things done fast.

Everything was working fine locally. But NoiceJobs (my project) is hosted on Heroku and uses the cheapest dynos possible, with only 0,5GB of RAM. For running simple apps that’s enough, but ML code is normally more memory and CPU-intensive, so when I deployed the new version of the app on Heroku I’d get memory quota exceeded errors all the time.

Some AWS engineers jumped into the conversation and after some back-and-forth, we came to the conclusion that AWS could be a good solution for my…

I came up with a way of saving all my past and future Twitter likes. It lets me browse, filter them and search for tweets by text or user. And it’s free.

I thought it could be helpful for others, so here it goes

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Scrolling for ages to find that like from 3 months ago… Never again!!

Saving all your past Twitter likes

If you’re only interested in keeping an archive of your future Twitter likes, you can skip this part and jump to the last section. …

Reducing the number of questions they ask may get more people to apply and enroll, which would increase the company’s revenue

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Recently I worked on a project for a US bootcamp from Denver that has been teaching people how to code for the past 5 years. As a part of the admission process, candidates are asked 8 questions out of a bank of 12 questions to test their logical thinking. The school wanted to know if and how, using some data science analysis, this quiz could be reduced in time.

Now, it takes about 1 hour to complete, and ~50% of the people that sign up never start the quiz. Ideally, the school would be able to ask fewer questions, while keeping the ones that give good information on whether a candidate is good or not. Potentially, a shorter quiz could get more people to take it and eventually join the school if they pass, which would also make the company’s revenue to go up. …


Xoel López Barata

Freelance data scientist and software developer. On Twitter: @xoelipedes.

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