Target coin : Build risk free profit on crypto investment

Team TGT Coin : is building an in house intelligent system for its precious investors to get real time data, intelligent briefing, trade signals and research uses quantitative models, technical analysis, historical patterns along with risk management models and plans to publish in its own platform. TGT Coin team will analyse news, market meta data, reports, opinions, research projects and be prepared for next profitable ico to invest and generate returns to its investors.

TGT Coin will have independent quantitative methods for each cryptocurrency to analyse and track it. Technical analysis will be used to understand the historical price patterns. artificial intelligence and machine learning will be extensively used to understand and learn the chart patterns and market behavior. its target x programme will understand and analyse historical volatility levels through standard deviation and minimize portfolio value at risk in different market environment. Investors will have opportunity to back-test different strategies with virtual currency before making actual purchase or sell decisions. ICO page :

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