Android smartphones overcome digital literacy hang-ups

Smartphones technology based on the Android operating system is helping people to access information irrespective of digital literacy. Young and old are reaping the benefits of Google’s amazing technology.

Android operating system is a product from Google. To go back 18 years ago (1998 to be precise)the enterprise which is the largest repository of information in the world is now acknowledged as a verb in English grammar. The usage of “to google” means to search the internet. From doodling the Burning Man as the first recipient of the Google Doodle to a device accounting for a large majority of smartphones’ operating system is nothing short of spectacular and comparable to the Big Bang.

New smartphones are now equipped with the power of laptops — 4 GB (Gigabytes) of DDR4 RAM (Double Data Dynamic Random-access memory) is in our devices. This is mind boggling considering that the Apollo Lunar Missions (Neil Armstrong’s epic landing on the Moon) had 64 KB of RAM (Kilobytes of RAM on the AGC — Apollo Guidance Computer) (source: computer weekly — Apollo 11; The computers that put Man on the Moon).

So what does this mean? That in a span of 18 years the digital divide is narrowing at such a rapid pace that it is difficult to comprehend. Prior to 2000, there was Gen X (generation ‘X”) to distinguish from Gen ‘Y” — the Generation nearing the end of its existence. Today the latest Android phones have merged Gen X and Y with respect to access for information. What they do with the information is sacrosanct.

To give a perspective the senior citizens are now the major driver of social media platform Facebook. It is only in America that Snapchat the alternative social media platform is being led by the millennials (people under 35 years)

About XOLO smartphone

India is fast catching up with the digital revolution. Several cellphone handset manufacturers are utilizing the Android operating system and launching new smartphones at affordable prices. One such brand is XOLO. To operate an affordable smartphone such as the XOLO era 4K is nothing short of using a high priced branded smartphone. The colors are spectacular on the Gorilla glass 3 giving 294 pixels per inch display. Backed by an A53 quad core 64-bit processor and equipped with 2GB of DDR3 RAM the phone boasts ambient light sensor that is a joy to operate in ambient lighting conditions. With dual camera (the front is selfie-quality 5 MP (mega pixel) and the rear is an 8 MP with dual flash allows this smartphone to be rated up there with the best in class. There is no other smartphone in the market that offers this range of options which makes the XOLO era 4K model a standout performer. Adding to the features is the attention to quality and backed by XOLO help desk that is just a click away either from the smartphone itself or from a laptop.

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